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The international press is simultaneously reporting teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2018/11/13 at 6:55 Sáng

The international press is simultaneously reporting teeth in Vietnam. The interstitial not only brings discomfort, loss of beauty but also causes oral disease. Do not use the toothpick, follow these tips. When eating, food stuck to the teeth is inevitable. And these “scum” do not only bring discomfort, loss of beauty but also causes of dental disease. As times get stuck in food, people often use sharp objects such as toothpicks to floss. The doctor asked her how to take care of teeth when gingivitis to quickly get out of the first. I have gonorrhea today, have a medical examination and then receive medicine but do not see the dentist advice dental care. Do not know if there is a special note or not? Thank you for your trust and sharing with us. For questions about “how to care for your teeth gingivitis would like to answer as follows. Gingivitis is a condition in which the major cause of gum disease is plaque. This plaque contains bacteria that lose the bond between the gums and the root, making the tooth feel long.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Food caught in the teeth use a toothpick very dangerous teeth

According to Dr. Richard H. Price of the American Dental Association, the habit of using toothpick is the main reason for the wider teeth, the condition of bone loss occurs quickly.

At the same time, food will be easily retained, allowing bacteria to multiply and increase the risk of dental diseases such as tooth decay, stomatitis, gingivitis. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Is there a way to clean up food left over teeth and not affect the health of the oral cavity?

Are eating out and food stuck in your teeth, you cannot bring a toothbrush. In that case, you use the tongue to push food out of my teeth. This may take time but it is a safer option than using toothpicks.

If you’re at home, you can use table brushing to remove leftover food stuck in your teeth. However, you should wait 30 minutes after eating because it’s time to brush your teeth yellow.

Rinse mouth with salt water. This habit will help you clean your mouth to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. Sometimes, this will also help you get rid of food particles stuck in your teeth.

Go eat at a restaurant, what type of service you are also dark. And when the food stuck in the teeth, you would use the toothpick immediately to save. If so, you can use a toothpick to desirably slightly sticky food, absolutely not push the toothpick into interdental 2 teeth hurt profit. However, this should not be done often.

Use dental floss is the best and safest way to get the food out of my teeth. If pain when using dental floss, gum prove infection. You should go to the dentist.

If all of the above tips do not work, you go to bed. And the next morning, you should come to the clinic to ask the dentist teeth “out of hand” handling of food stuck in the teeth. vietnam dentist prices

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