on the islands of the tooth in Vietnam?

on the islands of the  tooth in Vietnam?,  teeth when they are aching, and then they cannot go to the dentist anymore. Even people who have tooth decay for decades do not spit, how harmful it is? Tooth structure Pay attention to the number 6, 7 and teeth number  is called the forbidden teeth, the earliest to occur when you are 6 years old. “Forbidden” means to forbid to be uprooted, forbidden to be touched because it may affect the nervous system. While other teeth are replaced by teeth, the forbidden teeth grow only once and do not replace the teeth. Functional teeth 6 are important because they play a major role in chewing. This tooth is indispensable in the jaw, so if the worm has to be removed, then right after that, you have to quickly replant the teeth.

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And do not regret the money that planting teeth in the lack of credibility, which can weaken teeth and also chewing.

– Function 7 is a large, important tooth like the sixth tooth. This is also one of the main teeth of the jaw. The position of the teeth near the center of the “set” should be carefully taken care and should be sufficient to ensure good chewing force. Missing teeth number 7 also means that the chewing force of the teeth weakens quite a lot. vietnam dentist prices

Deep teeth not only perform the task of eating chewing food but also spreading the disease to teeth 6, easily lead to “broken food”.

– Teeth number 6 and 7 are so important, but there is an assassin who sabotages them, is the number eight (ie wisdom teeth). This is the last tooth in the teens. These 4 wisdom teeth are not necessary and have no function, but they are more likely to get stuck or jammed in the jaw, or not to grow. This can lead to other crowded or displaced teeth, as well as cavities, infections, or local illnesses. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Wisdom teeth are sin because they make the teeth become crowded and risk damaging the main teeth.

Why wisdom tooth extraction before age 25? 

This has been confirmed by studies of several dental associations published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (JOMS) in November 2002. Dr. Dalton L. McMichael of the University of North Carolina and colleagues conducted a dental survey of participants for 30 months. They examined the supporting tissue of healthy 300 people aged 14 to 45. These people had 4 healthy teeth and 7 adjacent teeth. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

The survey found that people who do not remove wisdom teeth before the age of 25 are at risk for tissue inflammation around wisdom teeth and teeth, and early signs of periodontal disease. Teeth that has completely risen can also cause the same disease that teeth do not grow or only grow in part. Doctors advise you to remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible, because over the age of 25 the bone tissue is perfect, so teeth are difficult to spit and endanger the tissue heal also slower.

Now you understand why should pull up this “stupid tooth” soon? cấy răng implant