Observation is possible, but teeth in Vietnam

Observation is possible, but teeth in Vietnam,  that wisdom teeth should be removed, but if they do not cause any problems for you, should wisdom teeth be removed? Implant planting applies to all cases of missing teeth, but the prerequisite for implant planting is that the jaw bone must be stable and well developed. Finished with the intermittent tooth shaft and then continue the needle showing the needle’s implant facing towards the sure after registration.  At present, Paris dentistry is the address for effective treatment of loss, quality is chosen by many customers. The treatment of relapse should be based on the factors: status, level, cause of disease. Therefore, people 18 years and older, qualified in terms of bone quality and quantity, and not suffering from contraindications, can dental implants.

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Is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth?

However, there are many wisdom teeth that grow very deep inside the mouth – there is no room to grow fully and can interfere with you. These teeth can grow in the direction of the jaw, sometimes even growing horizontally. vietnam dentist prices

Sometimes wisdom teeth are only slightly raised teeth from the gums, sometimes growing under the gum. Teeth that grow irregularly will be affected, or stuck in your jaw.

If the wisdom teeth just poke a portion of the gums out of the gums, the gums will appear a small gap can cause obstacles. And because the area is hard to see and clean, it is easy to accumulate bacteria that cause gum disease and dental infections.

Some dentists recommend removal of wisdom teeth if the teeth are not fully formed or grow near the nerves of the lower jaw. Many dentists believe that this tooth should be removed before the root can be fully formed, spit up when young, the ability to recover after the extraction of teeth will be faster. This is why some young people get rid of their wisdom teeth before they cause problems with their teeth and teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

When do you have to exclude wisdom teeth?

According to the American Dental Association, you should remove wisdom teeth if you have abnormal teeth, such as:

Repeated infections in the soft tissues of the posterior root of the tooth;

It is not always wise to give up wisdom teeth. Talk to your dentist or dentist about your wisdom teeth position and condition and what you should do to be the best in your current dental condition.

Teeth wisdom is the third and last teething that most people encounter in adolescence or early twenties. These teeth can be very helpful if they are healthy and in the right place, but they are often deviated and need to be removed. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

When the wisdom teeth deviate, it can grow sideways, tilting or growing away from the teeth permanently, inward or outward. The lack of these teeth can cause confusion or damage to the adjacent teeth, jawbone, or nerves.

Teeth can also be affected – they are surrounded by soft tissues and jawbone or just slightly above the gums. The onset of this annoying tooth can allow bacteria to invade around the tooth and cause infection, causing pain, swelling, hardening of the jaw, and general dental disease. Many cavities can be susceptible to worms and gum disease because the location of wisdom teeth is often difficult to access and makes it difficult to brush and floss. If you are considering a wisdom tooth extraction, find out what to do before and after removing wisdom teeth for the best possible preparation before visiting your dentist. cấy răng implant