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The only thing I did was a teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/05/27 at 3:15 Sáng

The only thing I did was a teeth in Vietnam,  of restoring lost teeth by bridging the two sides between missing teeth. Each bridge consists of two crowns attached to the two missing teeth and dentures located between the two crowns. Previously, when the new appearance, planting porcelain teeth is considered the best method of dental restoration. This method brings many advantages, bring a new look for teeth, the teeth are sure, both beautiful in color and shape as real teeth. In addition, dental restorative time just 2-3 times the appointment is complete treatment, and dental porcelain for chewing function equivalent to real teeth. Moreover, the cost is much lower than implants.

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Recovering the missing teeth using porcelain bridges does not prevent bone loss at the site of loss of teeth, then leads to gum recession, bridges become loose, easy to tuck food, then You need to rework the porcelain bridges to ensure aesthetics and chewing.

Dental implant method vietnam dentist prices

The dental implant is actually a Titanium cylinder implanted directly into the jaw bone that replaces the missing tooth root. Once the implant head has integrated into the jawbone, the surgeon will perform implantation and permanent implant restoration.

Restoration of lost teeth by dental implant technology to restore the teeth like real teeth, both in terms of aesthetics and chewing function, while not affecting the adjacent teeth, prevent the digestive system bones and gums. This is considered to be one of the greatest scientific achievements in modern dentistry.

One tooth was removed, should I make porcelain or place dental implant? Saigon Vietnam dental implants

With the problem of missing teeth, dental implants or implant implants, dental experts recommend that if you have good health and financial eligibility, you should choose implant implants. Not only bring high aesthetic, implant implants also bring many other advantages, help overcome the limitations of the method of growing porcelain teeth.

Implant implants ensure stable operation in the jaw as well as around the teeth, keeping the teeth stable and durable. Even in cases of bone loss, gum loss due to tooth loss or dental porcelain failure, not technically correct.

– Bring high aesthetics as implant head firmly like real teeth, the porcelain crowns implant piercing often used porcelain teeth, designed with high technology, so natural colors, like real teeth.

– Implant is an independent method, without affecting the adjacent teeth. While planting porcelain teeth to achieve the right to grind two adjacent teeth as a support.

– Because it is made like a real tooth, including the crown and crown, the strength as well as the level of food senses are the same as natural teeth. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

– Prevention of bone loss by using this method has implant cylinders integrated into the jaw bone, acting as a real root. In particular, implant teeth can survive permanently if patients have good care regimen at no additional cost or time to remake many times such as planting porcelain teeth. cấy răng implant

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